10 Minutes Makes a Difference…

Earlier last year John ran out the door on his way to work…imagine that…John running. John is well-known around Ussery for being here one moment and gone the next, ah, but I digress.

As he ran out the door that morning he grabbed a boiled egg from the frig and put it in his front pants pocket. He drove to work and put the egg on his desk for later. Later came and he picked up the egg and snapped it on the edge of his desk to break the shell. Imagine his surprise when the shell cracked and an unboiled sloppy egg dripped all over his desk. He had to laugh. It wasn’t a joke, just a misplaced egg.

That got me to thinking…that, all an egg needs to become something different is 10 minutes. What could we do each day for 10 minutes that might make the difference between sloppy or solid?


3 thoughts on “10 Minutes Makes a Difference…

  1. I’ve found that spending at least 10 minutes each morning in prayer is the perfect way to start the day and keep it going right, no matter what the job throws at me!

  2. Now that made stop and think … Thank you!! Ps.. Would have liked to seen the look on John’s face if that egg would have crack in his pants…

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