Printing Prank ~

For Sally:
I haven’t thought about Sammie in years. She’s been gone a long time; I think nearly twenty years. But, Sammie Sneed was the best prankster at Proctor Press back in the day. There was one prank in particular that stood out above the rest…and, she played it on the man himself, Mr. Frank Proctor.

Seems Frank liked to come into the plant every Saturday to get caught up on paperwork. One weekend as he walked up the hallway he noticed the lights were on in the men’s room. He walked right in and was startled at the give-away boots and legs of somebody in one of the stalls. He called out but nobody answered, so he backed out of the room and called the police. As he waited in the parking lot, it didn’t take long for the police to arrive. He explained the situation as they tip-toed back into the plant. The police asked Frank to call out and hold the door aside as they crouched through the door with guns drawn. Still no response; so the police kicked in the stall door. There sat a stuffed dummy holding a sign that read: April Fools. oops. The police actually thought the stunt was for them. It took a bit of explaining on Franks part to convince them that he was the intended fool. He didn’t talk to Sammie for quite a while but of course he ultimately forgave her. I miss Sammie, thanks for reminding me of a great memory.


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