Do You Produce Results?

We’re all on the treadmill again. Well, maybe not the exercise machine kind, but if you’re a marketer you are most certainly updating your fiscal calendar with programs for the next year. Going to a trade show? Announcing a new product? Creating brand awareness? Need to increase sales? Trying to raise money?

What I sell in a fiscal year is easily measurable. What is difficult to measure is the intangible progress I make with potential clients. Our sales cycle can be long and that work toward developing a client isn’t easy to measure. Same with marketing in general. Are you focusing on the right people? Are you using the right tools? Do you measure what you do? Bottom line ~ do you get the results you desire?

From an “old world communication” yes, in a meeting the other day, print was referred to that way and I nearly fell out of my chair. Talk about feeling old. However, there remains solid proof that print continues to develop when mixed with the application of variable data that drives potential clients to the web…where, with the right incentive, the goal of the marketer can be measured.


5 thoughts on “Do You Produce Results?

  1. Do not care much for the ‘old world’ reference either. The last conference I attended spoke of ‘offline’ (print) marketing driving business to ‘online’ markets and how print is still critical in that marketing mix. I suppose that is why Google, Facebook and others send out a tremendous amount of direct mail.

    • Ha ha! I read “old woman communication” and instantly had visions of little old ladies perusing their mail order catalogs. Then I reread it. It wasn’t as funny so I’m sticking with my version.

  2. To quote The Bard, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And that is what we need to tell the “online” folks. You can call print what you want — but it is still a very effective tool.

    Are there technologies which are replacing print — sure, but we’re also seeing new markets for print develop because of those technologies. Someone moved our cheese — and we can’t keep looking in the same places!

    Keep up the good work!


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