Winter Weather ~

A lot of people wait until the very last moment to get their important job to the printer. So, what happens when a winter storm hits and the city shuts down? Do you have contingencies built into your production schedule for things that go wrong?

What if I can’t get the paper because the major freight companies are running behind or worse yet, not moving freight? What if the press your job is scheduled to run on requires an unplanned maintenance and the service technician can’t, or won’t, drive in ice? What if the foil we ordered from New Jersey couldn’t be shipped out because that part of the country was overwhelmed with snow and is shut down?

Down here in Texas we typically don’t have to think about extended winter weather related issues and closings. But when tragic weather challenges us, our empathy for other parts of the country grows. We realize we’re all pushing schedules and deadlines to the limit and we’re getting to the point where we just can’t make things happen any faster. We’d do ourselves a favor by slowing down a bit…and, the ice reminds us to do just that.


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