I’m certainly not the only one who misunderstands song lyrics. One friend told me that she thought Princes’ song Little Red Corvette was pay the rent Collette. I thought the song I Wanna New Drug by Huey Lewis was I want a new truck. Laugh if you want to, go ahead, but I bet you can tell me a song or two that you’ve misunderstood.

When I first moved to Texas I didn’t quite have my ear tuned to the southern nuance. It’s just a fact that you don’t always understand the same language from different regions of the United States. My first job in Texas was a Sales/Service Coordinator and I answered the telephone for seven sales people. I took messages when they weren’t around and handled questions. One good ole Texas man called in with a really thick drawl. He asked for Phil Friday. “He’s not in, may I take a message?” So far so good, right? Well, he said sure honey and told me his name….I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hmmm, pardon? He said his name again. I still had nothing. Thinking it was some complicated southern name, I went to the next step and asked him to spell it. “Sure…B O B”

To the man’s credit he didn’t laugh at me, well, at least not on the telephone. I was mortified and I can’t imagine what he told Phil or his friends. But, in retrospect, if he was friends with Phil, who was an ultimate gentleman, he didn’t make fun of me or throw me under the bus.

Like the mom and dad who are so patiently waiting for their baby to say the words…I love you back to them, let’s be patient in trying to understand each other.


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