Nothing Breaks Even ~

When we were young kids, every Saturday night we were given one soda to divvy up between the three of us. To be fair, since our older brother Tim had the steadiest hand, he poured the soda into three small glasses. From there, Shelia and I got to choose first. There were no arguments, just focus. After that we added ice…since you couldn’t trust the ice to be even either and there was too much to lose. That precious soda wouldn’t come around again till next week. We didn’t feel bad about this process, this was just how life was, and I think we grew up really appreciating that Saturday night soda and the effort we took to get equal amounts.

The adages “in all fairness” or “all things being equal” are used everyday to convince us that life is fair. BIG news flash, life is not always fair, even or equal…there’s no way that it can be. Nothing breaks even, not cookies or brownies, client accounts or concert seats, not hearts or even wishbones. What keeps me balanced is realizing that some days I’m going to fall on the favorable end of the break and it feels good, really good. Then, sometimes when I get the small portion of the cookie and it doesn’t feel so good, that’s when I remind myself that ~ nothing breaks even.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Breaks Even ~

  1. Maybe some days all you really need is the small portion of the cookie and it makes your day! Things are not fair , but they are the way they are supposed to be.

  2. Another thing to remember when you get the small piece of cookie and your not satisfied…bake your own, then you get to divvy them up yourself (or not)!

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