Tactile Papers

We often trade stories about successful and not-so-successful marketing strategies. Elena with Pink Jacket Creative told me a story about an ad she designed that was to become an insert in a magazine. She was able to convince her client to use a high-end paper that was fabulous. It was so lovely that the stores were amazed at how many customers tore the insert out of the magazine and brought it to the store. They didn’t need to, the offer didn’t require it, but the tactile draw of the insert was too amazing for many to ignore.

Our sense of touch must be starving for some sensory stimuli and maybe that’s why tactile papers are making a come-back in 2011. At our weekly sales meeting this morning, Randy Manring from Neenah Paper was our guest speaker, along with Nancy Black of OK Paper. The Neenah Paper line of Classic Papers is well-known for quality, style and abundant tactile finishes. From Classic finishes such as Linen and Laid to the specialty textures of Columns and Esse, Neenah Classic Brand Papers “stand out in a vanilla market.” (I took this right off their newly designed book titled, The Power of Paper.)

Lovely paper gets noticed…add great design, interesting inks, a printer who knows how to print on uncoated papers and you’ll see (or feel) how print continues to impress.


One thought on “Tactile Papers

  1. Hey! Were you listening in on our recent conversation? We were recently noting how tactile business cards always get a reaction. People may not know anything about paper but they can definitely feel something special/different when it’s in their hands.

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