Strange Impressions ~

My neighbor must have thought I’d lost my mind this morning. As she came out of her backdoor, there I was, on my patio puttering around wearing a navy blue skirt with a pink striped long-sleeved button down shirt and my bright pink flip-flops.

What she didn’t know was that earlier that morning I had gotten dressed for work and was waiting for a GE repairman. That repairman was now in my house fixing my dishwasher, and as long as I was on the patio, my dog (who was in the backyard) would be quiet. So there I was ~ skirt and all, re-arranging potted plants, sweeping up spilled dirt and trying to cut off those extremely annoying white hang tags that were sewn into the seams of my new, bright red patio furniture cushions. And, there’s no-way to rip or cut those things off without leaving a remnant of white Tyvek. Argh ~ ah, but I digress…

I’ve written before about first impressions and how they can be misleading. But even long after a first impression wears off and you come to know a person, you can still surprise each other with out of the ordinary behavior. How could my neighbor have known what my reasoning was; to be tending to these chores dressed the way I was.

Everyone acts strange now and then. Enlightenment comes from understanding the reason.


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