Technology Unleashed…

Linda was just showing me her new, super sleek, upgraded cell phone. She also mentioned that the sales associate at the at&t store acknowledged that she was a long time client. That’s nice…then, after some hesitation he told her that he was two when she bought her first cell phone. Obviously that made her day.

I remember my first cell phone…it was the holiday season of 1989 and I was so excited to finally be able to substantiate having one. It was installed in my car and I can even recall that the day was cold and dry with a little wisps of snow fluttering around the highway. Did I say I was excited?

Back then we still used pagers and counted on them to alert us when somebody was looking for us. Then we would determine whether or not the call could wait until we could get to a land line. We had to set priorities for our cellular usage because the cost for airtime was very expensive. It was a luxury just to have a mobile phone.

Thinking about the last 22 years and how cellular phones have become so mainstream, it makes me wonder what new technology is around the bend.


One thought on “Technology Unleashed…

  1. Yep, I remember the hard wired “brick” phone that I had in my 1985 Maxima. I was so cool! Then I needed to be more portable. Yes, I bought the BAG PHONE! I think it’s still in the garage. Black authentic naugahyide with a flip up antenna. It weighted about 3 pounds and had a shoulder strap. It was TERRIBLE, but I was cool.

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