Are You Environmentally Responsible?

Environmental responsibility has a price tag…what can you afford?

I think most people consider themselves to be environmentally responsible as much as they are able to, and as long as it doesn’t interfere with their comfort level. Most recycle paper, plastic and glass for sure. BUT, do you drink from plastic throw-away (but recyclable) bottles? Do you still drive a gas fueled automobile? Do you own a cell phone, computer, TV and appliances? If so, do you know how the parts to these electronics are recycled?

Do you consider the impact e-waste has on our planet?

Paper recycling has been around for years. Printers were one of the first to recycle their scrap from press and bindery operations along with the building industry who recycles their scrap wood and sawdust. By-the-way, wood used for building materials is nearly twice what printing & publishing uses. Our forests are now managed for paper and pulp harvesting. By managed, we mean they are grown, harvested and replanted; trees are natural and sustainable.

Do you know how e-waste is recycled? Go ahead….Google it.


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