Jim Hatfield was walking down the sales hall here at Ussery and he could have sworn he heard his mom. He stopped and cocked his head to the side. Somehow cocking your head to the side helps the ears to hear better. Anyway, he DID hear her, she was saying “Jimmy, Jimmy…are you there?” He looked around and then realized his mom was in his pocket. Well, not really, but her voice was coming from his pocket. Ahhhh, we all know what happened, he had just butt-dialed his mom.

I have a new stupid purse. I’ll go on record, I dislike it very much. It’s floppy and messy and I can’t find a thing in it. One day I heard my cell phone ringing. I pawed around the sea of black fabric and didn’t come up with a thing but I had obviously hit the receive button on my cell phone because I could hear my sister saying “hello, hello” from somewhere inside the depths of my purse. So I did what every woman would do, I yelled into my purse “hold on” and dumped the contents on the floor. Found the phone…there, success.

I have another cell phone story but it’s not suitable for this blog. We just need to beware of the ease of touch screens.


3 thoughts on “Beware…

  1. And don’t even mention the interactive video calls…I really don’t like the thought of having to have makeup on just to answer the phone! Maybe answering machines will make a comeback…Or maybe an app where you can load a “fake” picture!

    • ooohh I sure like the fake picture idea. I video cam with my grandchildren on weekends and have to fix my hair and put on make up before I will allow them to connect…
      I do not want to scare the poor darlings.

  2. I have the exact same handbag from Sam Moon. It’s awful!! Looks good…but totally impractical. I call it the “black hole of Calcutta”. Things go in and are never found again!

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