Challenging Sales ~

Fran Ussery and I were talking this morning about the current challenges and frustrations of sales. It’s a known fact that it takes gargantuan amounts of energy and an optimistic attitude to go the distance in a sales career. When things get tough the tough get going…and all that jazz. Right?

What happens when energy and optimism aren’t enough to get you through your week? What happens when frustration sets in and the smile fades? Our sales team is a pretty savvy bunch that knows the process of selling is shifting and getting more difficult.

Seth Godin just wrote about the many levels of management hiding within the big corporations. His opinion revolves around the simple idea of unburdening the buying process and challenges managers to open the lines of communication with sales professionals. Mangers would have much to gain by doing this.

Our jobs as sales people are to assist you with your buying decisions and to give you options and ideas. Our goals are not to sell you something you don’t want.


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