And So It Goes…

A poem from the past, written for Don Conte:

Nine years are awhile at Proctor Press, not many can say they stood the test.
You began with Steve, KC and Lawrimore, Bart was there too so you had four.
Watson, Adams and Coad – all left on their own, a friendship with one was already sewn.

And so it goes you were on your way, Abbott Labs and Mary Kay made the day.

The end of 87 the two-color was bought, Valerie and Cathy were the reps you sought.
O’Neil and Rodenbaugh came along too, only one stayed…we all know who.
Randy Dowdy, Jo Simpson and Cal Merritt were here, the times were tough but there was cheer.

And so it goes, time moves on by, your loyal few were by your side.

Then an interesting group came along for you, a related pair and a pretty one too.
Their names were Chip, Bill Lott and Julie, they sold for a while then left us duly.
The six-color was added, oh what a buy, we need more work came the unanimous cry!

And so it goes your job was set, hire more reps and hedge the bet.

Tony and Harvey helped production work, Sammee added spirit to our everyday hurts. Marcelino, Billy and Georgia were ready, they all wanted work and they wanted it steady.
So you went to work – added Gutierrez and Downs, Sandy Bell and Martinez soon came around.

And so it goes, the sales were fair and about that time two reps became a pair.

Vanderheiden, Krawland and Wilcox were there, they added sales but didn’t quite care. For the rest of the group was growing strong, Bartin returned and Janet came along. I know I’ve let some reps go by, Bill Buck, Jack Wright and the curly-haired guy.

And so it goes, with all these twists, thank God I’m not creating the receptionist’s list.

Aris is steady, she’s helped your days, Dillon your estimator made some waves.
The strippers have come and gone so fast, Gilbert is the only one to last.
Sales were up, it was a good year, we all tried to rally together with cheer.

And so it goes, some days were hell, and then some days things went very well.

Fornae, Arnold, Saks and Payne, were all on board to give us some gain.
They all went away, that group of four and soon some more came through the door. Krzan, Zinkand, George and Fred, they were the next group that forged ahead.

And so it goes, it’s been a feat, our lives are touched by the people we meet.

It’s near the end, some days are fun and others we wish we were out in the sun.
You’re on your own, it’s time for you, so let’s drink a drink and say adieu.
Some people are glad, some are sad, but nobody should walk away mad.

And so it goes, be on your way…we wish you well, that’s all to say.


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