All in a Moment~

On my way to work this morning I spotted a man at the gas station, fuel pump in one hand with his face propped up in worry by his other hand. Then, only seconds later I saw a man at the bottom of a set of three flag poles, with his veterans cap tilted on the top of his head, getting ready to raise the flag. Again, moments later a building that I’ve been watching the last few days being stripped away of any valuables was now being smashed apart. My heart went out to each of them and I felt their pain, their pride and the buildings demise.

It doesn’t matter that the three came in a rush, I still felt the emotions…even the building spoke to me. I’m worthless, old and not needed, so I’m being torn down. The man pumping gas with his face in his hand was fueling up his truck. That couldn’t be good with gas prices as they are now. Maybe he was worrying about the choices he must now make. The veteran, he just looked honored to be raising that flag this morning as the breezed whipped around the poles.

The pain, the pride and the demise…things change, values scatter to the winds, and the demise of the old is inevitable. Or, is it? Have you seen The Book of Eli?


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