My Candy Store ~

When Ty & I walk into a bookstore, this is what he does: he’ll walk just inside the door, inhale a big breath of air, turn to me with a smile and say, “this is my candy store.” As a mother and a printer, I couldn’t be more proud.

I know he won’t be a printer…we’ve already discussed that, and actually John & I are more than okay with that. But I’m so thankful that he loves books…and the smell of paper. We are a family that likes to read and we devour books, magazines and still, our daily newspaper.

We know the general population is moving to e-readers, pod-casts and internet news. Information is easily accessible, but is it as sweet as candy?


3 thoughts on “My Candy Store ~

  1. sorry, but you’ll never get me to convert to e-readers. I have lots of electronics, but I prefer books for reading.

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