Identity Crisis ~

It’s not unusual for a person to be many things. I’m a writer, a printer and a dancer. I also know what I’m not, I’m not a pianist, a race-car driver or a therapist. Although I could pound out a few notes on a piano, I could drive my car really fast if I wanted to, and I could give advice to a friend, but I’m not trained, naturally talented or educated for those things.

It’s also not unusual for a printer to be many things. I can consult, print, manage and fulfill complex and challenging projects. I also know what I’m not.

The latest popular trend is for print companies to rename themselves as marketing services providers, but I’m not trained, naturally talented or educated to do that. Although, there are those who do have the marketing skills to provide this service, I would guess that most printers don’t. So why the rush to say you’re something you’re not?

I can tell people I’m a 5’10” blond, but when I walk in the door and you see a 5’5″ brunette you’re going to know I’m not who I told you I was. Although I can alter my hair color to give you an impression of who I want to be, I can’t change the physical attributes of who I really am. I am a printer.


Ussery cares about Irving Cares

When Fran Ussery came back from her meeting with the folks at Irving Cares she was pumped up. She came into my office and asked me to help her create a company-wide challenge to gather non-perishable food items for distribution within our community. What we came up with is a campaign called Ussery cares about Irving Cares.

We decided to measure our donations by weight instead of more traditional dollar or quantity measures. We located an old but eclectic flat shipping scale that now has a new life in our reception area. We’ll weigh-in our food items and keep a tally of their weight during the month. At the end of the month we’ll take our food donation over to Irving Cares. We determined it would take approximately 130 pounds of non-perishable food to feed a family of four for one week. Our first month’s goal is to feed two families ~ that’s 260 pounds of food.

I like Fran’s enthusiasm and was right on board with her for a couple of reasons. One, I also believe strongly that it’s imperative to support programs in your own community…we think it’s important to give back. Two, Irving Cares mission statement is this:

Irving Cares, in partnership with the Irving community, is dedicated to providing residents with temporary assistance and training to promote self-sufficiency. It’s not a handout. It’s a hand up.

Let’s join hands to help them help others in need.

Back to Basics…

I’ve made a decision that for the month of May I’m going to focus more on getting back to basics. I’m feeling overwhelmed again and when I feel overwhelmed I’m not that productive. I like to be productive, so when I’m not, I get frustrated and the cycle begins again. I’m feeling a bit like the hamster in the wheel, working hard and running fast, but sadly getting no where.

Yesterday, I spent about 20 minutes picking up everything that was scattered across the floor in my office. Some of you might think why does she have stuff on her floor? All of us down the sales hall work very differently from each other. Some of the offices are bare of files, job tickets and any kind of paper work. Then, there are some that have job tickets, estimates and ideas in progress piled high here and there on the desk and the floor space. You know who you are.

Me, I’m kinda in the middle. Not super neat, but not the messiest hamster down the hall. I’m not focusing completely on the neatness, but on organization and the basics. The basics are what kept me in the game early on in my career. I just couldn’t allow random distractions to disrupt what I needed to get done for that day, that week, that month. So, I’m cleaning up my act and getting rid of the paper piles, little ducks, and other random stuff I don’t need to do my job. I feel better already.