Back to Basics…

I’ve made a decision that for the month of May I’m going to focus more on getting back to basics. I’m feeling overwhelmed again and when I feel overwhelmed I’m not that productive. I like to be productive, so when I’m not, I get frustrated and the cycle begins again. I’m feeling a bit like the hamster in the wheel, working hard and running fast, but sadly getting no where.

Yesterday, I spent about 20 minutes picking up everything that was scattered across the floor in my office. Some of you might think why does she have stuff on her floor? All of us down the sales hall work very differently from each other. Some of the offices are bare of files, job tickets and any kind of paper work. Then, there are some that have job tickets, estimates and ideas in progress piled high here and there on the desk and the floor space. You know who you are.

Me, I’m kinda in the middle. Not super neat, but not the messiest hamster down the hall. I’m not focusing completely on the neatness, but on organization and the basics. The basics are what kept me in the game early on in my career. I just couldn’t allow random distractions to disrupt what I needed to get done for that day, that week, that month. So, I’m cleaning up my act and getting rid of the paper piles, little ducks, and other random stuff I don’t need to do my job. I feel better already.


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