You Never Know…

Patty and I should have been friends back in high school. We figured that out after we worked together on our last high school reunion. Even though I live in Dallas and she lives in Southwest Michigan, thanks to the internet, we’re able to check in with each other often.

I’ve met a lot of people in my sales career and some have become really close friends over the years. One relationship is as close as family and I can’t imagine my life without them…and to think we met at a business luncheon.

Connections can happen anywhere at anytime. Are you missing out on a great vendor, supplier, or friend? Would that make you think to be more open next time we meet?


Creativity & Repetition

The last few days I’ve been in and out of the office attending a local conference. Lots of kudos go to the people who did the hard work to create the concept, hire the speakers and manage the entire production.

We had a table at the conference and we were thankful for the people who stopped by to talk with us. Some were hesitant, some only want their bingo charts marked so they could participate in a drawing, and then there were those who truly had interest.

Marketing exposure is so important but even more so when the economy gets tight. But, it’s usually one of the first cuts companies make to save money and it’s just the opposite of what should be done. Jim David, our VP of Marketing just released his “Marketing Minute” email that resonated loud and clear…ending with the statement: “Creativity is important, but repetition gets results. A little of the former and a lot of the latter can make you the picture of success.”

Ice Cream in Holland

While on vacation visiting my parents, late one afternoon John and I drove the coast line of Michigan up to Holland. It was a delightful drive and once we arrived we discovered the cost to get into the tulip festival was too much for the hour or so before they closed for the day. So, we decided to get an ice-cream cone instead. Yes, we ended up driving over 60 miles just for an ice-cream cone. Was it one of the best I’ve ever had? No, but it was the most memorable.

Being memorable isn’t always about being the best. The best is fleeting and I’d rather be remembered.

Out on a Limb & Fearless

We had an interesting experience this weekend with owls. John was cutting a storm-tattered branch off our cedar tree and out flew an owl. The limb then got caught up in the phone lines which is a good thing since there were two more owls sitting on the branch. Obviously they didn’t realize, nor cared about the peril they were in, perched on a limb no longer attached to the cedar tree and dangling by a telephone line.

They just seemed unaffected sitting there watching us watch them. They weren’t intimidated or scared, they were calm and ready to get back to sleep. Visitors came by all day wondering why we had yellow caution tape around a tree in our yard. We were wondering if they could fly…since they were only about 6-9 inches in height. We kept watch over them and as dusk approached we happened to walk outside just as they decided to fly away. We then realized there were five little owls. Three of them ended up perched on our bird bath still staring at us as we walked to within ten feet to take pictures. They continued to maintain an eerie sense of fearlessness in our presence.

For some reason the owls never felt threatened by us or by their disadvantaged position out on a limb. Their resolve in remaining calm by threatening circumstances makes me want to acknowledge their fearlessness. But then, maybe they just didn’t give a hoot.

Specifications Please

If you wanted to buy a house I imagine you could easily be able to describe the house you desired to a realtor. After all, the realtor must have some idea of your taste and more specific criteria to search by. It might be a three bedroom, two bath, one-story house in a certain part of town. I bet you would also know how much money you would be willing to spend and an idea of where you could afford to live. You would probably realize that a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in University Park or Southlake would be priced differently than a house in other parts of Dallas. You would figure that a house with a four-car garage and a pool would have increased appeal and higher pricing because of those features and might be more difficult to locate.

Specifications for printing should be just as carefully considered. Can you describe the general specifications of what you want and how much you have to spend? If not, you should.