Out on a Limb & Fearless

We had an interesting experience this weekend with owls. John was cutting a storm-tattered branch off our cedar tree and out flew an owl. The limb then got caught up in the phone lines which is a good thing since there were two more owls sitting on the branch. Obviously they didn’t realize, nor cared about the peril they were in, perched on a limb no longer attached to the cedar tree and dangling by a telephone line.

They just seemed unaffected sitting there watching us watch them. They weren’t intimidated or scared, they were calm and ready to get back to sleep. Visitors came by all day wondering why we had yellow caution tape around a tree in our yard. We were wondering if they could fly…since they were only about 6-9 inches in height. We kept watch over them and as dusk approached we happened to walk outside just as they decided to fly away. We then realized there were five little owls. Three of them ended up perched on our bird bath still staring at us as we walked to within ten feet to take pictures. They continued to maintain an eerie sense of fearlessness in our presence.

For some reason the owls never felt threatened by us or by their disadvantaged position out on a limb. Their resolve in remaining calm by threatening circumstances makes me want to acknowledge their fearlessness. But then, maybe they just didn’t give a hoot.


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