Ice Cream in Holland

While on vacation visiting my parents, late one afternoon John and I drove the coast line of Michigan up to Holland. It was a delightful drive and once we arrived we discovered the cost to get into the tulip festival was too much for the hour or so before they closed for the day. So, we decided to get an ice-cream cone instead. Yes, we ended up driving over 60 miles just for an ice-cream cone. Was it one of the best I’ve ever had? No, but it was the most memorable.

Being memorable isn’t always about being the best. The best is fleeting and I’d rather be remembered.


1 thought on “Ice Cream in Holland

  1. I can vouch for that. With our Boy Scouts, no one remembers the campouts where the weather was nice and everything went perfect. They ALL remember the campouts where it rained, or someone forgot food, or they froze half to death because it was 17 degrees and snowing…

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