Simplicity ~

At the beginning of every year I buy a new spiral bound calendar. It sits on my desk during working hours where I use it to schedule appointments, lunch dates and make note of things to do. I use it to remember anniversaries, birthdays and party plans. I schedule my doctor and dentist appointments and even keep track of when I practice yoga or how much I walk every week. I am also the keeper of our social calendar, as John likes to say. I can project months into the future with the flip of a few pages. I know how quickly the summer weekends go by just by jotting down dinner dates, vacation dates and time spent with family and friends at the lake.

Every year when I work on my taxes I use my calendar to confirm mileage and client lunches. It’s helpful to page through and match up receipts to journal entries. Once my taxes are complete, my calendar gets filed away with the paperwork for that year. If I ever need to review something or prove an expense from years ago, I don’t have any problems or even any effort to do that…it’s all there. Sure, there’s no argument that you can use any number of digital applications for storing information and scheduling dates on an electronic calendar or smart phone. It might be new, cool technology, but it doesn’t mean that it’s better.


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