Winning the Lottery ~

Yesterday afternoon I bought a lottery ticket for a good friend here at work, and I was shocked at my emotions when surprising her with the ticket. I’d considered the possibilities, but what are the real odds anyway of it being “the winning ticket?” But everything screamed in my head…what if THAT ticket, somehow, miraculously, held the winning numbers and I was amazed at how hard it was to give it away. What if my mind kept saying. How do you let go of something that has the capacity to be life changing?

It was, I think, a normal response. Of course I want good things for my friend, but the possibility of that kind of money made me pause and think about this. How would I feel if the ticket held the winning numbers? Would I be crazy mad? Would I be thrilled for her? Would I be considered an idiot by my friends and/or enemies? Enemies you say? We all have them so lets not be naive. What would they say?

That got me to thinking…that there is an imaginary line in the sand for all of us. What you do for a friend is completely different from what you would do for those folks you don’t like. But what if your job is to support people you don’t necessarily like. Would you withhold support that is crucial to their success? It’s a common problem in business that most people won’t admit to, let alone talk about.

Try it. Buy a ticket and give it to a friend. Better yet, buy a ticket and see if you can give it to someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


5 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery ~

  1. great comments – but what angst!!
    I have not checked my numbers but when I do – you will be the first to know- and if by some weird twist of fate, I have won – WE will sit down and discuss what to do with the filthy lucre

  2. you know, for a minute there I thought you bought me a lottery ticket… then I thought “oh, wait. She didn’t give it to me because she thought it might be the winner!”. Then I thought, “no, she’s not like that so she must have meant someone else”… (serious tongue-in-cheek)
    But seriously, I do have an imaginary line in the sand, in both business and personal life. In business, that line extends to the point of doing what is needed to ensure success without going outside the parameters of my position, whether I respect that person or not. Now, if it does happen to be someone I respect, I am willing to cross that line to “go the extra mile” and not look back. In my personal life, I won’t even think twice about doing things for others in most cases, especially people that I call my friends. But… for people that I do not trust or respect, that line in the sand is an extremely short walk.

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