There is no substitute ~

Equal, equivalent, match, the same…these are all words designers and printers should use carefully.

When you change a file from a Pantone specific color to a CMYK equivalent, there is the misperception that the CMYK equivalent will match the Pantone color. This is just not true, and, the confusion might be a result of the words we are using. There are some Pantone colors that convert well and look nearly the same as their CMYK counterparts, and then there are those that don’t convert well at all.

I’m not sure we should use the words equivalent or match when it comes to proofs or inks or anything that is subject to interpretation by machines or people. Equivalent describes something that is equal in force, amount or value. The term implies that they are interchangeable and that we can substitute one for the other. Equivalent Fractions have the same value, even though they may look different. These fractions are really the same: 1/2 ~ 2/4 ~ 4/8. This is an accurate example of equivalent.

When printers use words like match proofs and CMYK equivalents, what we mean is that we are showing you our best representation of what your digital files look like. The defining line is where art, science and expectations collide.


American Printer ~

As of September 2011, American Printer ceased publication.

This is the last statement in the footnote of the It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday blog from the American Printer editor, Katherine O’Brien.

The death of our industry magazine is just another slam on the printing industry and it makes me sad. Don’t misunderstand, I’m just as guilty of not reading this publication as the next. I’m an industry veteran…31 years in printing and I can’t even find the time to support a magazine that covers my industry. There is so much to read, so much to do and so little time to do all the things we want to do. I’m now supposed to be an expert not only in my industry, but the other industries I call on. At least that’s what a lot of the sales gurus are saying. Study, learn, and make the call to the senior marketing managers and prove to them you understand their challenges. Heck, it’s hard to keep up with my own industry challenges. How do I do all that and still support my own? Guess we didn’t and that makes me sad. I think I’ve already said that.

Budgets ~

I have a budget for just about everything…food, clothes, entertainment. I know generally what these things cost, but there are moments, when I’ve found the perfect black slacks, or concert tickets I can’t live without, where I will mentally take from one budget to fulfill the extra costs of something I really~really want.

Budgets are like that with clients too. Bring them a creative idea or a fabulous paper you’ve discovered, and there’s a real chance they will borrow from another budget to produce something they really~really want.

Summer Weather ~

Sometimes the sales team gets teased as we’re heading out to appointments when the weather is glorious. It’s usually a fresh spring morning or a crisp fall afternoon when envy creeps up on the co-workers whose jobs require them to remain inside. But then, there are those days…when monsoon-like rains pummel us, icy roads slow us down, or, like this summer, when triple digit highs go on and on, day after day, zapping our energy. On those days we are not so envied.

It’s been a long hot summer for everyone. The air has been so heavy and oppressive it feels like I’m lugging around 10 extra pounds and at the end of the day. I have to laugh as I head out to yoga where the high temperature of 99 degrees feels good after walking in from a 108 degree parking lot. It’s all relative.

When you compare rain, sleet, snow and triple digit heat to the glorious days, it’s safe to say that outside sales isn’t always easy. Sure, we do get to come and go, but the effort and stress is exhausting. Once you get stuck in traffic for over an hour, or have to walk nearly a quarter of a mile, in heels, in a skirt while trying to arrive sans sweat, or, er…perspiration. There are days when I envy my CSR…


Effort is described as the conscious exertion of physical or mental power. It is a serious attempt to achieve a particular goal.

What happens when somebody is so good at what they do that their work appears effortless? Say, a great dancer who is graceful, athletic and has astounding timing. Would you say the physical exertion it takes to dance well is an effort…even when the dancer makes it appear effortless?

Veterans of any industry usually do their jobs at such an efficient level the appearance of effortless can be misleading.