Summer Weather ~

Sometimes the sales team gets teased as we’re heading out to appointments when the weather is glorious. It’s usually a fresh spring morning or a crisp fall afternoon when envy creeps up on the co-workers whose jobs require them to remain inside. But then, there are those days…when monsoon-like rains pummel us, icy roads slow us down, or, like this summer, when triple digit highs go on and on, day after day, zapping our energy. On those days we are not so envied.

It’s been a long hot summer for everyone. The air has been so heavy and oppressive it feels like I’m lugging around 10 extra pounds and at the end of the day. I have to laugh as I head out to yoga where the high temperature of 99 degrees feels good after walking in from a 108 degree parking lot. It’s all relative.

When you compare rain, sleet, snow and triple digit heat to the glorious days, it’s safe to say that outside sales isn’t always easy. Sure, we do get to come and go, but the effort and stress is exhausting. Once you get stuck in traffic for over an hour, or have to walk nearly a quarter of a mile, in heels, in a skirt while trying to arrive sans sweat, or, er…perspiration. There are days when I envy my CSR…


2 thoughts on “Summer Weather ~

  1. hey, maybe we can start a “swap places for a day” program, although I’m not quite sure about the whole skirt and high heels thing! I’m just saying…

  2. That would be ridiculously funny David. Not switching places but you in a skirt and heels!~ People might pay to see that though…

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