American Printer ~

As of September 2011, American Printer ceased publication.

This is the last statement in the footnote of the It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday blog from the American Printer editor, Katherine O’Brien.

The death of our industry magazine is just another slam on the printing industry and it makes me sad. Don’t misunderstand, I’m just as guilty of not reading this publication as the next. I’m an industry veteran…31 years in printing and I can’t even find the time to support a magazine that covers my industry. There is so much to read, so much to do and so little time to do all the things we want to do. I’m now supposed to be an expert not only in my industry, but the other industries I call on. At least that’s what a lot of the sales gurus are saying. Study, learn, and make the call to the senior marketing managers and prove to them you understand their challenges. Heck, it’s hard to keep up with my own industry challenges. How do I do all that and still support my own? Guess we didn’t and that makes me sad. I think I’ve already said that.


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