Old Rules ~

Old rules just don’t work sometimes.

I’d like to think that I have a modern point of view, and what I mean is, that I don’t believe what “we’ve always done” in the past should dictate what we do now. I think we can all agree that the world has changed and is changing so fast that we can’t possibly keep up. But what can we do to keep from falling behind?

Whether it’s our children, our work, or even our marriages, there are modern approaches to the challenges we encounter today. My parents worry about how much our children have in comparison to what they provided for us. This is true I tell my mom, and it is a result of our current culture. I can’t compare my childhood to my parents, and my parents have a difficult time relating to the challenges our children must contend with. So, if culture has changed for our families, what about our work culture? What rules, goals, policies and practices do we hold onto that we might be better off without because it doesn’t fit the needs of the employees or better yet, our customers.

Now more than ever, a companies’ culture is being evaluated by a younger generation of buyers who expect different attitudes, values, goals, and practices. The truth that buyers are getting younger and our industry is getting older makes me think we should re-evaluate how we are meeting the demands of the future.

Maybe we should consider “Young Rules” ~


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