Stamp Control ~

I received a notice that health insurance premiums were increasing yet again, so we decided to get a new policy for Tyler. I made inquiries, chose a provider and after a drawn-out application process, that involved telephone conversations with Ty and lots of faxing back and forth, we finally had a policy in force. Of course the broker said from the beginning, oh no, don’t drop your current policy until we know for sure the new provider has the new policy in-force. Of course the new provider charged us from the initial application date, even though the process took nearly 45 days. sigh… It’s too difficult and time-consuming to get anybody on the telephone these days to make it right.

After getting approved we were then prompted to go on-line to set up payments. I was a bit surprised that paper billing wasn’t even an option. My choices were to allow them to charge my credit card; and for that privilege they would only charge me $10.00 per month. Or, I could allow them to automatically draft my bank account, and there wasn’t an up-charge for that.

I’m not sure why I feel insecure with an insurance company having access to my bank account, but I do. I fret that somewhere in the depths of their detailed paperwork, they’ll somehow create access for my doctors and dentists to reach in and grab their portion. That’s the cynic in me.

Of course I allow my mortgage company and utilities to draft my account. I’m okay with that because they’re fairly constant…I know what to expect from them. But, insurance providers? Their premiums are increasing every time I turn around and it concerns me that I might miss something and there you go…they get to draft my account every month.

Obviously I signed up for the automatic draft since I’m watching my money and the only other option would cost me and additional $10.00 a month for nothing. I sure wish I had the option of the 44 cent stamp.


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