Communicate ~

I was at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the clerk told me they couldn’t locate it. She then looked behind me and said “next.” I moved to the side for a moment, frozen, not really knowing what to do. As I stood there my face became red and I felt the embarrassment of being dismissed so I left the store and drove home. I was too frustrated to talk to anyone in management, I was speechless.

Ten minutes later my phone rang and the pharmacist said they had located my prescription. I shared my experience with being dismissed and the pharmacist then shared with me that they had everyone looking for the prescription when I was there and they couldn’t figure out why I had left the store. Wouldn’t that have been good information for the clerk to share with me?

There are various ways to communicate, and they include not only verbal and written communication but also subtle eye contact and body language. Usually the communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. What have you left unsaid lately?


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