Your Commercial ~

I’m paying a lot of attention lately to television commercials. It’s gotten me to thinking…if I had to create a commercial for Ussery Printing, what would it be?

Allstate Insurance cleverly uses a man in their ads called mayhem. “Mayhem” gets into all kinds of trouble to illustrate the idea that if you comparison shop for insurance you might want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples in coverage. Boy, that sounds familiar. Printing specifications are typically open to interpretation that could mislead a client to choose a cheaper option, only to discover they are not happy with their results. What a great way to illustrate the difference in costs.

Yesterday I watched a commercial for Bassett Furniture show-casing their designer fabrics and their design team assistance while choosing furniture. In the same hour was another commercial for The Dump (also a furniture company); their pitch was for low-interest rates and no payments for three years. I’m confident Bassett also offers great interest rates but the focus of their ads was on the custom fabric options and designer assistance. Both sell furniture and both know the client base they are after.

Some printers focus very well on niche markets and this is good strategy until their niche market experiences a decline. Some printers are project driven and will print just about everything and anything. This is a good strategy too since they are able to handle the various declines in different markets, but then, they’re not investing in work-flow efficiencies as well as the niche printer.

We’ve struggled the last few years developing new markets…just like most printers. Some have gone the MSP route, and that’s an excellent choice for those printers who can add data management staff and marketers to their current printing staff. What about the rest of us? Do we continue to wait until the buyers return to their pre-recession buying levels? I don’t think we should because, as a 30-year veteran of printing, I don’t believe we will ever return to those levels.

So, getting back to my original musing…what would a commercial for Ussery Printing look like? Maybe that’s the creative thought-process we should talk about, if only to rediscover who we are and what we want to be in the future.


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