My Creative Side…

Not many people know that I like to mow the grass. (now you know) The simple act of walking back and forth lost in my own thoughts while smelling fresh-cut grass appeals to me. It does help that I don’t have allergies either.

Many years ago, as I was preparing to host a wedding in our back yard, I thought, how cool would the lawn look with a pattern mowed into it? I have no idea how they do the patterns for baseball fields, but it was the look I wanted. Maybe a checker board pattern…yes, that was it! It just took a little thinking and then I just did it.

When the Ducky Bob guys showed up with my chairs and tables they stared at my back yard and asked me, “who mowed your lawn?” That would be me I said. They looked at me and then at the yard and shook their heads. I suspected approval, but I really couldn’t tell, it might have been disbelief.

Many times over the next few years I mowed the front yard with a checker board pattern. When people drove by while I was outside I could see their heads whip around to stare. Sometimes they stopped and backed up to get a better look. The greatest compliment was the neighbor who figured out my madness and clipped his lawn the same way.

That was many years ago and I don’t mow the lawn with a push-mower much anymore….but I’m still creating and visualizing patterns and designs in my mind.

Sometimes what we think we know about somebody is only a fraction of who they are on the inside.


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