It’s Free

Nothing is free, except the mud, mosquitos and the breeze…if you’re in Belize. Sorry, I digressed very quickly today.

We’ve heard over and over again that so much on the internet is free, so the argument goes…but is it?

The other day I bought concert tickets on-line. There were four options to receive your tickets. You could pick them up at the concert at will call, expedite them overnight, standard USPS mail and the option of email. Two of these options were free; can you guess which two?

Of course the expedited method isn’t free, but of course the will call would be free. If you guessed the email was free you would be wrong. The emailed ticket was $2.00 and the USPS? Free.

As a client told me a few months ago. Stick a stamp on it, .45 cents…what a deal.


2 thoughts on “It’s Free

  1. Yes, nothing worth anything Is free, therefore it is not free making it worth something, not worthless!!

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