I was just reading the responses to a discussion titled, “How do you choose your supplier of printing consumables?” The responses ranged from the obvious issues concerning quality and pricing, making sure the supplier is capable of the work, reputable, and of course, the ever important relationship.

Years ago we solicited bids to finish out a driveway and add a carport. We choose our supplier based on his knowledge and recommendations to our project. His company was capable and reputable, and his pricing was in-line with our budget. He did what he said he was going to do and did a great job on the driveway and carport. We ended up with a quality product, within our budget (not the cheapest), finished on-time and we were completely satisfied. The relationship developed during the project because we were treated fairly and with respect.

We’re considering another project and thought about getting another bid, but then decided…why? We like this company, this man, his work. Why would I not reward him by working with him again?


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