Virginia Is Lucky…

Virginia will soon be the new home of my friend, Linda Stingel-May.

After an entire career in the Graphic Arts Industry, more specifically, printing…Linda is retiring next week to move closer to one of her sons. Half my heart is happy for her and the other half of my heart is sad for me. I will be losing a friend, confidant and mentor.

Linda and I met a few years ago at a Dallas get-together of “Girls Who Print,” an international group started locally by Mary Beth Smith. We hit it off immediately and six weeks later she joined the sales staff at Ussery Printing.

I can’t say enough nice things about Linda, but of course, she’s my friend so you would expect that. But, Linda is well-known, well-liked and admired throughout our industry and just as equally appreciated by her clients. She has served them well. In an ever-changing, commodity driven industry, she has kept the pace her entire career. She is still hard-working and focused with her sparkling blue eyes and positive demeanor. She’s competitive, smart and has a skill-set that sadly, can not be replaced.

When next week comes and goes and I pass by the empty office down the hall, I know I will miss Linda terribly. In the few short years we’ve known each other she has become a positive light in my day. I know the joy she will bring to her family in her retirement will be their blessing and I wish my friend love, peace and most of all…happiness.


2 thoughts on “Virginia Is Lucky…

  1. thank you Cathy for your kind words – I will miss you so much and you know my decision was not made lightly. I am humbled and moved to tears.

  2. What a sweet message. I teared up sitting at my desk. I, too, am feeling the same sadness. My dear friend Carla is moving this coming Sat. Half of my heart is happy for her and half my heart is sad for me. So it goes ….

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