Why’d you have to be so Mean?

I’ll put it right out there…I dated a bit before getting married. I dated all kinds of guys because I was still discovering what I liked or valued most in men. There were lots of dates where the guys were nice enough, but we didn’t have much in common, so there wasn’t a second date.

Sales appointments are kinda like first dates. You really don’t know if you’re going to like the person you’re meeting. In dating or business, you can’t count on being liked or valued; however, good manners simply require you to be respectful of a person, regardless if there will be another date or meeting.

I had an appointment yesterday with a young woman who was adversarial and confrontational and I have no idea why. She was unhappy with everything I brought to the appointment and told me so over and over again, even though I spent over an hour researching and pulling samples I thought she would like. For this I apologized and asked to meet again, which lead to another series of insults and posturing that indicated I must be stupid. The third attack was her assessment of on-line printers versus printers (like me) who, just happened to be sitting in her office with the intention of trying to help her. She made it clear to me at the end of our meeting that I was of no value to her.

I could only surmise after leaving her office, that she must be going through printers as I imagine she goes through dates. If her lack of any respect towards me was based on the fact that I could be replaced with a dozen other vendors, well, good luck to her then. I imagine she will run out of options someday, both personally and professionally.