You Need a Sense of Humor ~

I’ve prayed a lot lately. There are prayers for family, co-workers, people who are sick, and the occasional selfish one that I ask: Please dear God, please let me win the lottery. I’d really like to get all six numbers. Please, please, please? Then I won’t have to work anymore! I promise to do lots of good with the money. Just think of all these people who I’m praying for who need help. I would help them. You get the point. I’m fairly certain most of us have had this talk with God.

Last Saturday night the Texas Lotto was about 17 million and change. Love that…and change. Ha! The “change” is 700,000. So, being the big spender that I am, I played five lines (or $5.00) Of those, three were quick picks and two lines were numbers I chose. A few weeks ago I saw a TV newscast of a statistical mathematician who was giving advice on how to win the lottery. Don’t go with low numbers, popular numbers or quick picks. Really? And how many lotteries have you won?

Anyway, I actually did win the lottery on Saturday night! So, why am I not celebrating in Austin, Texas instead of writing my blog from work on a Wednesday? I did get all six numbers, but on my entire ticket ~ OH, but you need them all to be on the same line to win. And, the winning ticket? It was three numbers on the same line, so I won $3.00.

God has such a great sense of humor. Next time I’ll be more specific.


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