The Death of the Movie Theater

Years ago…back in the 80’s when VCR’s were being introduced, word on the street
was that the movie theater would no longer be needed. Conventional opinion was that nobody would want to, or need to go to a movie theater, since you would now be able to rent movies and watch them in the comfort of your own home. Never mind that the rates weren’t that much different from a movie ticket, but, then again, you could have a group of people watch for only one rental price.

Fast forward decades and the movie theater didn’t fade away, in fact, they grew. Megaplex movie theaters emerged with lots of lights and glam. Although the viewing rooms were made smaller to accommodate many movies, investors made improvements in chair comfort, big screen, big sound and then there’s the IMax. You can’t get that experience at home. The successful movie theaters committed themselves to making positive changes to the movie experience. The theater industry not only grew despite the threat from the movie rentals, but boomed. Who would have thought?

That VCR explosion makes me think about the internet explosion and the conventional opinion that print will no longer be needed. Like the movie rental industry, there will be those situations where the digital version trumps the print version. But what an opportunity for the printing industry to re-invent itself and come out booming.